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About Me.

I was born in a northern state and spent most of my childhood years between Vermont and Maine. I developed a strong interest in art during my middle school years. This was the at a time when the world started to become interested in computers. While classmates were being impressed and taking classes to learn how to use basic computer skills, I continued to enroll in classes that still required pencils and paint. Throughout high school and college I enrolled in drawing, sketching, painting, pastel, water color, oil, and calligraphy classes.

I was very fortunate that at an early age I ended up in a class where the instructor had many artistic talents - everything from painting to pottery to jewelry making. What I feel was the most important lesson I learned from this teacher was when he said “there is no wrong way to create art”.


That statement alone opened wide the door of the mind and heart. If you think it and feel it, you can create it.


I moved to Austin, Texas in 1997 and after a few years moved to Kerrville, Texas where I currently reside. Having been involved in a trauma shortly after my arrival in Kerrville, my artistic being took holiday. Now that I have rediscovered myself and the happiness I find in creating art, I once again have the desire to share my art with others. I have participated in the Kerrville Chalk Festival since 2018 and am now affectionately known by those that attend as the Looney Tunes lady.


My hope is that something I have created will “speak” to another and bring them the happiness I receive while creating the piece.

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